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Dream Team
dream team

Dream Team is ...

Gomes -

He loves customers more than anyone else and will greet you with a warm smile.
He has a long history in the sign business, knows how to think from the customer's perspective, and strives to realize what the customer wants.
He also has exceptional installation skills.
We lead all team members, coordinate the work process to ensure smooth operation, and strive to meet the customer's desired schedule.

Sharon -

She holds degrees in design from Canada and South Korea as well. She also teaches design to students, and she has over 10 years of design experience.
She does her best to quickly create the design the customer wants. She loves music and nature and finds it rewarding when she designs.


Aebron - 

He has amazing wrapping installation skills.
He can finish your car's surface flawlessly and smoothly.
He likes to sing or listen to music, so he puts on some exciting music and gets to work.


Dannie -

He is a beautiful young man with deep faith. He adopts new technologies very quickly and enjoys developing them.
He is active and enjoys activities, but is serious when it comes to work.

You may also meet some of our other support crew who on contract regulaly helps us with our projects from time to time.