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Foam Core Sign

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Foam Core Material

It consists of a board of polystyrene foam clad with an outer facing of paper on either side, typically white clay-coated paper or brown kraft paper. Extremely lightweight is the strength of this sign. Because Foam Core is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with clay-coated white paper facers.

Foam cores are typically available with additional features like providing chemical or fuel resistance, electrical insulation, being electrically conductive, flame retardancy, integral skin, thermal insulation, waterproof, or weather and ultraviolet (UV) resistance.

3/16" thick Foam Core Signs are typically mounted on an easel for presentations, but can also be used for any interior signs, posters, or displays.

foam board
Form Core Sign

Different names but the same material

Foamcore, foam board, or paper-faced foam board is a lightweight and easily cut material used for mounting photographic prints, as backing for picture framing, for making scale models, and in painting.


Foam core has many benefits when used as part of the design of any product. It's flexible, durable, versatile, and lightweight. Additionally, Ariaprene foam core technology offers sustainable ways to use foam core in your products.

Foamcore goes by a variety of names in the marketplace, including foam board, fome-cor, fome core, and foam core board. No matter what you call it, foam core is a rigid, lightweight material that is a great option for a variety of commercial as well as private applications.

If you are looking for the lowest cost and one-time (or very limited) use of a graphic then foam core could be the solution. Prices will ultimately vary depending on the markets.