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Wall-Mounted Signs Standoff

Wall-Mounted Signs

that Stand Off of the Wall, Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

Wall-mounted stand-off systems are a classy way to add a three-dimensional element to your wall or ceiling space.
Stand-off mounting brackets come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to appeal to any branding palette.
Some great uses for stand-offs include logo plaques, overhanging signage, raised lettering, custom whiteboards, elevator directories, reception signage, and other displays that benefit from being raised away from their background.
In addition to their sleek appearance, stand-off systems are often less damaging to paint and drywall than a flush mount, and can be easily removed for cleaning, updates, and repair. Common substrates used with stand-off systems include glass, acrylic, PVC, and aluminum.
Standoffs Stainless Steel
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Acrylic Standoff Sign Display

1. Acrylic Standoff Sign Holder

An acrylic Standoff Sign Holder is the perfect way to display your signs with a professional and modern look. Made from high-quality acrylic, this sign holder is durable, lightweight, and will add a sleek touch to any office, retail space, or home décor.

How do I install the Acrylic Standoff Sign Holder?
To install the Acrylic Standoff Sign Holder you will need a drill, level, screwdriver, and the standoffs provided.

  1. Decide where to mount the Acrylic Standoff Sign Holder and mark the location.
  2. Drill four holes and insert the standoffs.
  3. Attach the standoffs to the wall with screws.
  4. Slide the acrylic sign into place onto the standoffs.
  5. Ensure the sign is centered and level.

Enjoy your new sign display!


2. Stainless steel wall-mounted stand-offs

The stainless steel wall-mounted stand-offs are used to securely hold signs and other sturdy materials away from the mounting surfaces.