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Channel Letter

Channel Letters

Type of Channel Letters

Pin Mounted Letters

These are either cut out, cast, or molded and then mounted on an interior or exterior wall. They can be made out of various types of metal such as brass or aluminum, acrylic, and plastic.

Channel Letters or 3D Lettering

Channel Letters can usually be lit up from the inside, often with inexpensive LED lighting. 3D lettering can be mounted to exterior or interior walls or it can also be free-standing. You can also have the sides of your channel letter painted a different color from the front to make it stand out even more.
Channel letters are often made of acrylic or metal. They can be built for interior reception lobby areas or built weatherproof for exterior applications. These signs are fully customizable and can come illuminated or non-illuminated. For our lit 3D signs, we use LED lighting because of the big benefits of LEDs.
Pin Mount Letters
Pin Mount Letters
Channel Letters
For example, they are small and able to fit into small detailed signs, have low energy consumption, are environmentally friendly, and last without maintenance for many years meaning lower costs for our valued customers. Lighting can be soft glow halo-lit/ back-lit, or front-lit and impactful.
Channel letters can be built with a fully customizable depth to the sign letters. Usually from 1/4" thick to 8 inches.
The lighting can be standard where it shines through the face, or it can have a halo effect where the light is directed toward the back and bounces off the wall. This gives a glowing effect around the letters. 3D channel letter signs can also have a combination of these lighting effects.

Non-illuminated Channel Letters

This option is available and at a significant reduction in price/cost. Sign boxes are just sign frames. This reduces the size of the sign and the amount that the sign sticks off the wall. Instead of approx. 6-10 inches off the wall. the sign frame is only 4". Plexi inserts are still able to slide in and out quickly and easily for signage graphic changes.
There are several different materials to choose from. such as wood, metal, aluminum, PLEXI, and printed color designs. There are different thicknesses to choose from and installation stand-off distances.
non illuminated Channel
non illuminated Channel