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Fabric Displays – Lightweight, small to store, and easy to set up. Fabric displays are useful in spaces with limited room, low weight-bearing ability, and vehicles that are too small to store large display pieces. Sizes range from table-top to full-scale backdrops and are made from high-quality elastane material.

Tablecloths – A great way to tie together your branding and take advantage of the vertical advertising space on table fronts. Available in loose, fitted, round, and convertible styles.

Show Tents – Whether indoors or outdoors, a custom tent set-up is useful for protecting your equipment and merchandise, defining your booth boundaries, and making your location more visible. Available in part or including half-wall curtains and dividers.

Feather Banners – Lightweight and eye-catching, feather banners are easy to set up and useful for marking your location outdoors or in a crowded space.

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Backdrop PSD

A backdrop is originally a large piece of cloth, often with scenery painted on it, that is hung at the back of a stage while a play is being performed.

Trade Show Booth Mockup

Just about any vendor can get visuals of how their trade show booth will look like, even before heading for printing. The flexibility offered by a trade show booth mockup is something any exhibitor will want to make the most of to attract potential customers on the show floor.

Dream Image signs provide a special and beautiful backdrop for your company exhibition.