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Mesh Banners

Mesh Banners

If you want a special banner that is safe from the wind, choose a mesh banner!

Mesh banners are printed banners with small holes that allow wind to pass through.

Used as a printed sign, mesh banners are used for outdoor advertising and are great for wrapping the perimeter of any construction site. They are printed on one side and generally manufactured using UV and abrasion-resistant ink

Why Do Mesh Banners Have Holes?

The holes in a mesh banner allow the wind to pass through it so that it does not tear the banner when they are installed, even in the ever-changing weather experienced in Wisconsin! The airflow-friendly design keeps the sign banner working for years. The mesh holes also reduce the weight of the banner. This further results in reduced costs when compared to vinyl banners. The mesh design also makes the banner resistant to wrinkling and tearing.

Mesh Banner
Mesh Banner

Top Features Of a Mesh Banner:

  • Hundreds of small perforations on a mesh banner make the design and message visible even when the wind blows through the banner display.
  • The perforations also result in reduced load on the supporting structure.
  • They are a great choice for large banner displays used on buildings and other high places.
  • Mesh banners are printed using direct printing, which results in a photo-realistic quality display.
  • Any business can make the most of its display advertising by investing in quality mesh banners. They usually end up offering great results.