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Perforated film

Perforated film

What makes our perforated window film different, and probably more expensive than other sign companies?

In short, High-quality materials.

When we print and install perforated view through vinyl, we only use top quality due to the fragileness of perforated vinyl to begin with. Because of the way perforated vinyl is made, with holes punched out, there is less material gripping the vinyl to the windows. This makes for a high failure rate.

Often, failure on perforated vinyl occurs due to the poor quality of over laminate which is often used in the industry. Lamination on perforated vinyl is unlike regular overlaminates. Perforated lamination is required to be "Optically Clear" which means you can see through it. Regular lamination is blurry and one is unable to see through.

When a low-grade optically clear lamination is used, we have seen graphics curl up from the edges. This is mainly due to temperature fluctuations. When the vinyl is hot and cold, it expands and contracts. Cheap lamination has difficulty stretching with these fluctuations, yet high-quality lamination can expand and contract without pulling off or cracking for much longer.

3M informs a lifespan of under 1 year, but with our processes, we have seen graphics last for years.

Perforated Vinyl