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Vehicle Full Wrapping

Full Wrapping

Change Color, Change Design, or Change Branding!

Vehicle wraps are large, custom-designed vinyl graphics that are applied directly to the surface of a vehicle, completely covering its original paint job.

These wraps serve both aesthetic and functional purposes, making them a popular choice for businesses and individuals alike. The primary uses of vinyl wraps include advertising and giving vehicles a new, customized appearance.

Uses for Vinyl Wraps

  • Advertising: Vehicle wraps provide a mobile advertising platform for businesses. Whether it's a small logo or a full-color, attention-grabbing design wraps turn vehicles into moving billboards that can reach a wide audience as they travel through different areas.
Brand Identity
  • Brand Identity: Vinyl wraps are an effective way for businesses to reinforce their brand identity. Consistent branding on a fleet of vehicles helps create a professional and cohesive image for the company.
  • Personalization: Individuals often choose vinyl wraps to personalize their vehicles. Whether it's a unique color, pattern, or custom design, wraps offer a versatile and temporary way to change the look of a vehicle without committing to a permanent paint job.


Process and Best Practices for Vehicle Wraps:

  • Design:

Start with a high-quality design that captures attention and effectively communicates the intended message. Work with a professional graphic designer who understands the unique challenges of designing vehicle wraps.

  • Material Selection: 

Choose high-quality vinyl materials specifically designed for vehicle wraps. These materials should be durable, weather-resistant, and capable of conforming to the contours of the vehicle.

Vehicle Preparation
  • Vehicle Preparation: 

Thoroughly clean the vehicle's surface before applying the wrap. Remove any dirt, grease, or wax that could affect adhesion. Ensure the surface is smooth and free of imperfections.

  • Installation: 

Professional installation is crucial for a successful vehicle wrap. It involves careful alignment, precise cutting, and skilled application techniques to ensure the wrap fits seamlessly and adheres properly.

  • Maintenance: 

Clients are provided with proper care instructions to maximize the lifespan of the vinyl wrap. This may include recommendations for hand washing, avoiding high-pressure car washes, and protecting the vehicle from extreme weather conditions.

  • Removal: 

When it's time to remove the wrap, use proper techniques to avoid damaging the vehicle's paint. Seek professional assistance if needed, as improper removal can result in adhesive residue or paint damage.

  • Regulations: 

Be aware of local regulations regarding vehicle wraps, especially if they involve advertising. Some areas may have restrictions on the size and content of commercial graphics.

In summary, vehicle wraps offer a versatile and impactful way to transform the appearance of vehicles for advertising or personalization purposes. The key to a successful wrap lies in thoughtful design, quality materials, professional installation, and proper maintenance.