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RVs Swoosh Graphics & Wrapping

At Dream Image Signs we have years of experience refurbishing and restoring RV Decals

Over the years, campers, Recreation Vehicles, Camper Trailers, will take lots of elements. The harshest being sun exposure. This will cause the decal and graphics on the sides of these RVs to fade and crack. New decal striping is the most impactful way to add life and value to your camper trailers. New swooshes can give a new look and make an old camper new again.

Our process is two fold. Removal and installation.
We will work with our customers to match the right vinyl to customer's desires. Then we will strip the old decals and graphics and all glue. Then we will trace the area and apply the new graphics where the old ones were. This is important. Often when we remove the original graphics from sun damage, it will leave a ghosted area where it once was. We trace the new decals to ensure this area is covered so that a restoration can not be noticed, only a great looking RV.

We have the facilities to store and work on large RVs inside. Our property is gated with security cameras monitoring 24 / 7.

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RVs Swooshes