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Parking Sign

Durable, Reflective Utility and Parking / Street Signs

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Utility signage includes any exterior signage to inform or direct those who encounter it.
Common exterior signage uses include building safety signs, street signs, parking signs, directional arrows, and custom graphic or informational signs.
If you show up to work and continue to find unwanted cars parked in your designated, but unmarked spots. You may require parking signs.
This can let drivers know parking spots that are designated for your business. This usually fixes the problem. It is common for these signs to say "reserved parking for (name your business)" or "30 min customer parking"
Our exterior signs can be made from printed or cut graphics applied to acrylic or aluminum, which can be mounted using bolts or adhesives.
They are long-lasting, durable, and can be made to any dimensions required. Reflective vinyl can be used for street signs/roadside signs that must be visible at night.

The plastic Parking Lot Sign Posts in heights up to 48″ tall are perfect for high-traffic parking lot locations and are especially useful in valet areas and parking garages. Much more durable than steel posts, these signs are designed to withstand bumper hits and return to their original position, without damaging the sign or vehicle. Hang aluminum or plastic information signs on the posts to communicate parking lot directions and rules. Also useful for specialty plastic signs in street areas as the post is category 1 self-certified crashworthy.

Heavy-duty U-Channel signposts are maintenance-free and easy to mount!

This heavy-duty post is nearly twice the weight of our standard post, great for harsh conditions and weather.
Posts are made from steel and are finished with a solid green enamel. Millions of our sturdy, rust-resistant posts are in service.

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The plastic Parking Lot Sign Posts

Roadside Safety Signs & Street Signs Calgary

Parking sign utility
At Dream Image Signs, You can get quick and effective parking/road/street signs in the Calgary area. It is the responsibility of each building, event, construction site, and many others to provide adequate signage that can be easily seen at night.
Reflective signs need to be made of the right materials and quality so that they properly inform drivers of their risks and where they can and cannot park.
We have built traffic signage for Calgary, Banff, Canmore, Camrose, Fernie, Okotoks, and Chestermere for both private and municipalities. Our signage is used in underground parking areas.
We have created beams that indicate the ceiling height of these parking garages. We can create the necessary wayfinding signage for vehicles to enter and leave parking areas.
Parking signs can be applied in different ways. They can be secured to a wall, but if there is no wall they are often mounted to a post. Some posts are hammered/pounded into the ground.
Note that we will do an Alberta One call to locate any electrical, or other dangerous points that may cause damage before we dig or pound posts.
We may also place cement blocks that secure the posts. The most common posts are bounce-back posts. This is so if grandma is driving and bumps the parking sign post, the post has some give from a spring at its base. When Grandma drives away, the post bounces back to its original position without causing damage to either the car or the sign.
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Parking, safety, road, reflective, and street signs are highly important signage that you must use to adequately inform people about hazards, rules, and where they need to go.
Be sure to use an excellent Calgary signage company like us at Dream Image to get these street signs done quickly and effectively!
Get street signs in Calgary at an affordable price!
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