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The Key to Getting Noticed At Your Next Tradeshow

Getting set up for a tradeshow can be an intimidating task – but we’ve got all your bases covered! We provide the essential tradeshow display equipment to make your booth stand out in the sea of competition.

  • Retractable Banner Stands
  • Fabric Displays
  • Tablecloths
  • Show Tents
  • Feather Banners

Calgary Trade Show Display & Displays Designer

The designers of Dream Image Signs provide the design and installation of high quality trade show displays in Calgary and its nearby, including retractable banner stands, fabric displays, exhibition tents and feather banners at an affordable price.

Retractable Banner Stands - Also known as roll-up banners displays, pull-up banner stand, portable banner stands, or quick screens  - banner stands are an effective way to display your information at business events, tradeshows, airports, exhibits, shopping malls, and other locations with large foot traffic audiences.

These retractable banner display systems are our customers most favorite product for their events.  We have a variety of options to choose from.  We have the most cost-effective display systems available in Canada.


At Dream Image Signs we have a variety of retractable roll up banner stands to choose from.  There are retractable banners systems that are quick to change the graphics by swapping out a cartridge in the stand.  Most of our system are pewter brushed aluminum silver but can also come in black.  Some of our systems have 1 or 2 slide out feet for stability, while our premium banner stand systems are slightly larger based but without fold out feet as to not get in the way.  These systems are also slightly heavier.  All of our systems come with a padded carrying case great for travel and they set up quickly.

How to Set Up

- Remove display system from bag

- Fold out display systems feet if the systems has them and place on floor.

- Take out telescoping pole or folding tent pole and insert into hole on the top of display system

- While standing behind the system, with foot on the display system foot, erect banner and attach the hook to the top of the pole.

- Easy peezie, lemon squeezy


We may not be the cheapest available and there is a very good reason why.  In the past we did compete at the lowest price pint in the past.  This is why we don't sell these systems and don't recommend them.  We have tested a variety of banner display systems from all over the world including China, India, etc. The problem we encountered is overall customer dis-satisfaction on these cheap display system.  We have seen display systems missing parts, plastic parts being brittle and breaking, very think aluminum material that does not give any strength in stability or weight to help hold the base down.  We have seen stabilizing legs weak and fail under the slightest breeze or bump.  The erecting poles are bendy and susceptible to breaking.  The mechanism that grips and holds the fabric / banner can fail and release ones print at the most unwanted time.  Besides it does not hold them very elegantly.

With this being said; please avoid yourself the headache and a wasted event show and invest in a decent tradeshow display system.  We can help and guide you through this process.

Because we are your local sign company serving Calgary and area, please come by and see our sign systems for yourself.  See our state of the art printing processes and equipment.  You will be able to see just what your sign will look like.

Located just on the edge of Calgary, 20 minutes from the Calgary downtown core.  Stoney Trail and Peigan Trail.

Unit 7, 285059 Frontier Rd. Rockyview Alberta


Satin-finish polypropylene media. Aluminium hardware. Comes with carrying case.

Fabric Displays – Lightweight, small to store, and easy to set up. Fabric displays are useful in spaces with limited room, low weight bearing ability, and vehicles that are too small to store large display pieces. Sizes range from table-top to full-scale backdrops, and are made from high quality elastane material.

Tablecloths – A great way to tie together your branding and take advantage of the vertical advertising space on table fronts. Available in loose, fitted, round, and convertible styles.

Show Tents – Whether indoors or outdoors, a custom tent set-up is useful for protecting your equipment and merchandise, defining your booth boundaries and making your location more visible. Available in part or including half-wall curtains and dividers.

Feather Banners – Lightweight and eye-catching, feather banners are easy to set up and useful for marking your location outdoors or in a crowded space.


Get tradeshow display in Calgary at an affordable price! Dream Image Signs quickly and efficiently creates a "Trade Show Displays" for your events and business in Calgary and surrounding areas. Contact us today for a quote!