The Key to Getting Noticed Around Town – Vinyl Banners

Banners are an economical and trusted way to display your information to the world.

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We Offer A Variety Of Banners in Calgary, AB

Dream Image Signs is here to provide all of your banner needs. These are some of the most common sign types we create for our customers. Our materials, printers and processes are some of the best in the city because we’ve been making and installing banners for over 25 years!

We offer a wide variety of custom products including vinyl banners, bridge banners, retractable banners and more.

Outdoor Banner – Outdoor banners, also known as vinyl banners, are the go-to solution for displaying information outside on a temporary or long-term basis. Vinyl banner material is durable, weather resistant and displays colours brightly and vividly from a great distance. Vinyl is a natural choice for bridges, buildings and outdoor events, and can be modified to perform in high-wind areas. Vinyl also comes with a light-blocking material for locations where the angle of the sun casts shadows that affect visibility such as bridge railings.

Bridge Banners - Bridge banners are an extremely great way to get a message out to a lot of people at a very low cost per impression.  Currently, Banner Over Roadway permits from the City of Calgary run approx $45 +GST per application. Bridge banners require permits in most municipalities. When you are advertising expos, festivals, open houses, charity events, cultural events, music events or any other event for the community, bridge banners are an amazing opportunity to get the word out.

Dream Image Signs has 25+ years working with the bridge banner process in Calgary.  From working with the Calgary permitting office, to bridge banner graphic design to meet permitting criteria, bridge banner printing, and bridge banner installation and removals.  We have the right tools and hardware to install banners safely and securely meeting all of the City of Calgary's criteria for bridge banners design and installs.

Our processes for bridge banners has been refined to ensure there are no errors that will cause issues with your City permit. Proper design is often where many businesses run into trouble so it’s important to work with a sign company that understands these rules well.  Certain fonts and sizes are prohibited. Proportions of bridge banner elements need to be within specifications such as sponsor logo sizes, etc. Proper wind slits are to be inserted to allow strong winds to blow through banners rather than blowing them away into the streets.  Banners are printed on a durable vinyl banner material which is also available in a block out option to stop sun from shining through. Edges are hemmed, re-enforced and grommeted.  Also, we install our banners with coated airline wire. This ensures safety for bridge travelers as well as makes the banners very secure along the bridges. We usually recommend the maximum size permitted by the City of Calgary for bridge banners which is 30 ft wide x 3 ft tall.

You may want to check out Banner over Roadway permits through the City of Calgary.

City of Calgary Bridge Banners Permits

Banner over roadway permit guidelines


Mesh Banner – Mesh banners are a lightweight option for high-wind areas where the weight of vinyl banner material creates too much resistance. Mesh banners are easier to set up and store, however, the semi-transparent material does not display as vividly.

Fabric Banner – Fabric banners are lightweight and easy to store and set up, ideal for shorter-term or indoor applications and conditions where material weight is a concern. The material displays colour vividly and is available in matte or semi-gloss finishes.

Block-out Banner – Block-out banner is a high-end option for internal or external displays where fully opaque materials and rich colors are a priority.

Retractable Banner Signs – Retractable banners are a great example of simple advertising. They are best to use as an addition to your point of contact or point of sale material. Retractable banners are also great for tradeshows and to enhance the look of your stall or booth. You can use them to convey important information or simply to brand your product and let people know you arre there.

We craft banner sign in Calgary and nearby area. Contact us for roll up / retractable banner signs, custom vinyl banners for printing and business outdoor signs in Calgary and the surrounding areas.