Food Truck and Trailer Graphics and Wraps

Dream Image Signs is a leader in the food truck graphic wrapping industry

With our dedicated, talented team we can help you on your build and prepare you for success. We are there with you from start to finish beginning with concept and design with our experienced talented graphic designers, printing with state of the art large format printers, and to our professional graphic installers.  The most successful food truck or food trailer wraps are bold and bright.  So that is why we always use high quality 3M,Avery, or Arlon vinyl materials and certified roland inks.  This ensures the best print quality.  Just like with making your food, using the right ingredients is key to starting off  with.

Often we will be called in in the middle of the food truck trailer building process.  And we have seen many different, radical, novel approaches to the food truck industries.  Business owners will come to us with the typical delivery truck build or a trailer, but also buses or train type vehicles.  Or perhaps a model or form shape that is attached to the vehicle.  And this is well welcomed, as it is these creative and novel approaches to business that leads to business success.  So in understanding the industry in this way, we have adapted to making the less straight forward simple graphics work.  We have learned to be flexible in the process and embrace the twists and turns of the industry.  Lets face it, unlike other businesses, food truck business thrives with creativity.  Big, bright bold is a proved strategies to grab the attention of passbyers.

How is it done?

  1. Create Your Design
    Establish a logo and brand design.  What are the elements of your brand including font styles, colors, theme.  Our designers can help with this brand marketing.  Part of this process is taking proper measurements of the food truck or trailer to ensure that all the elements are correctly sized and scaled to fit in the best way possible.  This process can vary, it can evolve, edited and changed before heading to production.  Image proofs are provided so that one can see the finished product before anything ink reaches the vinyl.
  2. Production and Printing
    The approved design can then go to our printers.  All is done inhouse.  We have invested in state of the art large format printers that produce, vibrant true colors.  The graphics are printed on high quality cast durable vinyl then over laminated with a protective clear vinyl film which protects against abrasion scratches and UV fading for a long lasting effect.
  3. Wrap Vinyl Installation
    Now the vinyl wrap graphics must be applied.  First we ensure the vehicle is in proper shape which often these details are dealt with beforehand such as rust, silicone, etc.  But then we often work in conjunction with the customer for a clean vehicle.  The truck is often clean at a car wash as possible before arriving at our shop bay, but then we re-wipe all surfaces with an alcohol mixture to ensure a gribleable surface area for the vinyl graphic to adhere to.  A warm, indoor bay is a necessity for install.  We have seen some companies do installs outside.  This can be a problem.  Even in warm summer months, wind can blow dust and contaminants under the vinyl.  A controlled, clean warning interior space will limit the issues.  Vinyl requires a certain temperature during the first 48 hours for the vinyl to adhere properly.  If vehicles are sent out into the cold too early can cause premature issues with the wrap.  The process can take several days to install properly.  Its not something to rush, but to be as details as possible around rivets and all kinds of protruding food truck elements on these vehicles.
  4. Food Truck and  Trailer Wrap Costs
    Wrapping food trucks can have a high price tag but it's worth it.  This vehicle is the place of business and on the streets 24/7 and so will be a mobile billboard.  Consider this your main marketing avenue.

The cost can run anywhere from $1000 - $5000.  On the low end may be trailers with flat sided and minimal rivets.  Or perhaps not a full wrap but spot decals.  Then on the heavier end will be large trucks with lots of protruding elements such as rivets, hinges, shelves, doors and windows.

If one considers that this wrap may be there for the next 3-7 years, in the long run it is a small expense.  Then when it has served its purpose, it can be removed and has protected the paint underneath from years of scratches and paint fading due to sun exposure.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you with your project.  Please call us today for a quote or just to brainstorm your options.