Fascia Signage

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High-Quality Exterior Signs That Get Noticed and Withstand the Elements

Fascia signage is any type of signage, whether acrylic or aluminium, that is used to identify a commercial storefront. This can include the light box sign above your front door, the multiplex roadside pylon tower, or signage mounted to the exterior walls of a building. It can be lit from inn front, behind, or not at all. Fascia signage is not only required for many businesses in their lease agreement, but is also an impactful way of advertising to the immediate traffic.

The largest and most visible name of a business, typically fascia signage, serves as landmark to many locals and acts as a key identifier in the location of your business. Think about how many places you may have never been inside of, but know the name and location of because it is close or on the way to something else you visit often. Uniquely constructed and high quality fascia signage sets an impression before the customer even has a chance to walk in the door, and may even intrigue someone who may not have otherwise been.