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High-Quality Exterior Signs That Get Noticed and Withstand the Elements

WE have been considered by many as Calgary's best sign company.  Making signs in Canada means, signs have to be done rignt.  There is no room for error.  Calgary has the most sunny days in all of Canada.  Which means, if signs in Calgary do not have the proper UV protection, they may not survice a couple of months.  Other considerations is our heavy snow and high winds.  This means signs in Calgary, airdrie, cockrane, strathmore, and all over alberta needs to be securely fastened to stand up to the worst Alberta weather can throw at it.

Fascia signage is any type of signage, whether acrylic or aluminium, that is used to identify a commercial storefront. This can include the light box sign above your front door, the multiplex roadside pylon tower, or signage mounted to the exterior walls of a building. It can be lit from inn front, behind, or not at all. Fascia signage is not only required for many businesses in their lease agreement, but is also an impactful way of advertising to the immediate traffic.

The largest and most visible name of a business, typically fascia signage, serves as landmark to many locals and acts as a key identifier in the location of your business. Think about how many places you may have never been inside of, but know the name and location of because it is close or on the way to something else you visit often. Uniquely constructed and high quality fascia signage sets an impression before the customer even has a chance to walk in the door, and may even intrigue someone who may not have otherwise been.

Sign box or sign cabinet are terminology often used to identify the box shape signs on a storefront.  The pros to this type of sign is that the face of the sign or canvas area us a rectangular piece of polycarbonate sheet can accommodate any type of graphic print and design.  This can incorporate a face, imagery of a product, a background in conjunction with the name of the business.  Another benefit to signage cabinets is that it can be easily moved, or sign face can be changed out.  In the last 10 years we have been retrofitting many older sign box units with new LED lighting which at this point usually do not need any more maintenance from then on.

3D illuminated channel letters are custom made signs.  Curved sheet metal to our customers logo specs.  There are several design options.  Theses signs can have a floating effect by applying a standoff distance from the wall its installed on.

The lighting can be standard where it shines through the face, or it can have a halo effect where the light is directed towards the back and bounces off the wall.  This gives a glowing effect around the letters.  3D channel letter signs can also have a combination of these lighting effects.

Exterior lighting can be controled by a switch, on a scheduled timer, but this can on be accurate as expecially in Canada, our dayligh hours can changes quite substancially, or often we use photocells, which will detect the sunlight and switch on of off when required automatically.

Non -illuminated options are available and at a significant reduction to price / cost.  Sign boxes are just sign frames.  This reduces the size of the sign and the amount that the sign stick off the wall.  Instead of approx. 6-10 inches off wall. the sign frame is only 4".  Plexi inserts are still able to slide in and out quickly and easily for signage graphic changes.

3D channel letter signs can also be made non lite.  There are a number of different materials to choose from.  such as wood, metal, aluminum, plexi, and printed color designs.  There are different thicknesses to choose from and installation stand off distance.

In industrial areas where there are no passbyers or customers after hours there is often not a need to have signs illuminated, since business hours are mainly daytime hours.


Dream Image Signs have installed signs / signage in Calgary but all over including Edmonton, Red Deer, Sylan Lake, Airdrie, Yellowknife NWT, Fernie BC, Okotoks, High River, Canmore, Banff, Canrose AB, Brooks and probably others