Hoarding Graphics

Build Intrigue and Direct People Around Construction Sites.

Construction hoarding walls are temporary paneling or fences to shield construction / renovation areas.  Outside, typically one may see a fence around a construction site where they are building homes, apartments and other building. To keep the public safe and out, fences or hoarding walls are used.  On fences we can usually print banners or mesh banners and attach to these fences.  Often on longer term projects such as skyscrapers or tall buildings we will print and install the hoarding with ridged substrate as a solid permitter around the construction site.  Our construction signage is printed to be durable,  to withstand the elements at a cost effective price point.  We have installed these hoarding graphic walls all over the city, including the busy downtown core on the City of Calgary C-train line for the Telus building that was being built in 2016.  We coordinated with the City of Calgary to install our construction signage to avoid Rush hour, to be safe with passbyers while our team installed some large and high graphic signage panelling.

Stand out with our building wraps, billboard printed renderings, safety signage, protection and informational hoarding.

Mesh Building Fence Wraps, Billboards, Way-finding / Safety Signs and Construction Hoarding.

Hoarding graphics are typically wall mural or banner installations used to mark the area of where a new establishment will be opening. This allows customers a chance to anticipate what will be coming to a space and decorate the messy construction behind it. This may be appropriate for a new franchise location in a mall, a show home sales centre, the fence of a construction excavation, and so on.

Hoarding graphics are generally semi-permanent or temporary installations, designed to be unobtrusive and easy to remove when the business is finally ready to open.


We cover all aspects of getting your construciton signs and signage up from surveying, graphic design, printing, construction, and installation.

Residential and commercial development signage

We are pros at printing and installing for retail shops.  Often you may see large graphics on the wall of which ever mall you may be visiting from chinook centre, to cross iron mills, to south centre and market mall.  Our team have been in all of them.  These large oversized wall murals within these malls are often promoting a new retail store coming soon.  The are around the anticipated store closed in with a temporary wall built with framing and drywall.  Because this application for this wall graphic hoarding is indoors and temporary, usually 1 -3 months, we will use cost effective materials such as the vinyl printing materials for our graphics.  This is the best bang for the buck and our customers appreciate it.  There is no need to over protect these graphics as they are not exposed to the hard whether conditions that outdoor graphics see.

Come do your construction signage with us.  We do work all over Canada.  We have installers all over the country.  This is because once our clients use us, they use us no matter where they go.  Even Mexico and United States.

Most of our work is based from and near Calgary such as Airdrie, Okotoks, Banff, Canmore, Red Deer, Fernie BC, Rural Alberta and BC