Reception Lobby Logo Signage

Greet Your Customers with Professional Reception Lobby Signs

Your lobby signage will be one of the first things customers will see when they enter your business. Lobby / reception signage is there to make an impact and first impression.  When a potential customer walks into your lobby or waiting room looking for you, this company logo signage will make all the difference.  Reception signs communicates to your guest; "Here I Am!" and needs to portray your corporate feel and professionalism.  The lobby sign first impression will aid in giving your potential customers the confidence and trust in using your company for there needs.  Reception signage is used to carry branding imagery into the office space, and let your clients know they’re in the right place. It also adds an element of professionalism and legitimacy to your office space. It is also helpful in identifying workspaces in a shared office. Reception signage can be as simple as cut vinyl lettering, or more complex multi-layered substrates, vinyl, and lighting systems. These signs can be hung from the roof, mounted directly flush to the wall, or stood off on brackets or spacers to create a 3D effect.  Let us build an impactive backdrop for your reception area.

Reception / lobby signage can be created in a number of different creative ways.  You may be familiar with 3D acrylic lettering signs or plaque mounted signage.  Both are great ways to display you logo as a reception / lobby logo branding sign.  But that is just the start.  Working with us, you will find that there are many avenues to take with these signage foundations that we have been so privialged to provide commerial corporate companies in Calgary Canada.


3D Logo Letter Lobby Signs

3D Logos Letter Signs are also called channel lettering.  Often made of acrylic or metal.  These sign types can be built of interior reception lobby areas or built weather proof for exterior applications.  These signs are fully customizable and can come illuminated lite or non illuminated / non lite.  We use LED lighting for our signage because of the big benefits of LEDs.  for example small and able to fit into small detailed signs, low energy consumption and environmentally earth friendly, and last without maintenance for years and years meaning lower costs for our valued customers.  Lighting can be soft glow halo-lite/ back-lite, or front-lite and impactful.

Channel letters can be built with a fully customizable depth to the sign letters.  Usually from 1/4" thick to 8 inches.

Plaque Mounted Lobby Signs

We have created many classy and stylish plaque signs.  A very modern look is to use a glass backing.  The glass board is wall mounted with beautiful, stunning, standoff hardware.  The signage can be applied to the back of the glass that creates a very glossy depth to the image, or on the front to have it more bold and clear.  We can also do a combination and have certain aspects behind the glass, certain aspect on top of glass and even incorporated three dimensional features on top of the glass such as 3D lettering.


Reception Lobby Commercial Wall Murals

If impact and the wow factor is the goal, may we suggest incorporating wall graphic or mural to your business lobby.  Incorporating a full wall mural and adding your company logo in conjunction with your brand makes a impression that will not be forgotten.