3D Signs

There are many different types of 3D signs and the options are limitless.

You can use them on your storefront, inside your building, at the entrance to your business and so much more!

The three main types of 3D signs are pin mounted letters, channel letters (also called 3D lettering) and dimensional letter signs. You could also have an image or your logo made three dimensional.


Pin Mounted Letters - These are either cut out, cast or molded and then mounted on an interior or exterior wall. They can be made out of various types of metal such as brass or aluminum, acrylic and plastic.

Channel Letters or 3D Lettering - Similar to pin mounted letters, however, they can usually be lit up from inside, often with inexpensive LED lighting.

3D lettering can be mounted to exterior or interior walls or they can also be free-standing. You can also have the sides of your channel letter painted a different colour from the front to make it stand out even more.

Channel letters are often made of acrylic or metal. They can be built for interior reception lobby areas or built weatherproof for exterior applications. These signs are fully customizable and can come illuminated or non illuminated. For our lit 3D signs, we use LED lighting because of the big benefits of LEDs. For example, they are small and able to fit into small detailed signs, have low energy consumption, are environmentally friendly and last without maintenance for many years meaning lower costs for our valued customers. Lighting can be soft glow halo-lit/ back-lit, or front-lit and impactful.

Channel letters can be built with a fully customizable depth to the sign letters. Usually from 1/4" thick to 8 inches.

Dimensional Letter & Logo Signs - These consist of 3D letters that are attached to one dimensional sign panels or monuments. You can use these types of signs for both exterior, storefront and interior applications.

There are many different types of materials used to make 3D signs. The material you choose will affect the kind of look you want to achieve. Using metal or wood for your lettering will give you a more classic or traditional look.

Acrylic and plastic are great choices if you want to add lots of colour or if you want a larger outdoor sign that will hold up well to the elements and will weigh less.

3D signs give your business the advantage of being more eye-catching to passersby and give your business a professional, polished look. They also add dimension and depth to your signage, making it easier to see them from a great distance.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, 3D lettering and signs are a great option!

Dream Image Signs will help you to design the perfect sign. We will construct it from the highest quality materials and install it for you to ensure it stays put even in the intense Calgary weather.

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