Full Vehicle Wraps

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A full vehicle wrap is a high visibility and long-wearing form of advertising as well as protection for your vehicle. Wrapping film comes in an awe inspiring number of colors, finishes, textures, and special effects such as holographic, gloss flips, or candy coatings. Wrap vinyl can be printed in 52” wide sections and laminated to your preferred finish. We also offer 50/50 visibility perforated window vinyl to allow graphics to continue uninterrupted without compromising visibility. Depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle, a full wrap can take anywhere from 2-5 days. Wrap removal timelines can vary depending on the condition of the wrap material and how it was applied. Certain vehicles or materials may require additional time to monitor the adhesion of the product to ensure it is up to our quality standards. Labour on vehicle wraps is warrantied for 1 year after installation, while product warranties are individually specified by manufacturer.

A partial wrap is an effective way to display temporary graphics, highlight certain vehicle features, or protect areas at risk for chips and rust. Partial wraps are a more economical choice and can have just as much impact as a full wrap with the right layout. Where one might devote their budget toward the amount of material required for a full wrap, it could instead be devoted to a premium or special effect wrapping material that gives the wrap that distinctive touch. Partial wraps can include anything from company logo and informational decals, pin-striping, window coverings, to hood wraps, and beyond.

Special Note: Food Truck YYC  we love to have the experience to have completed many different food truck or food trailer projects.  We have had great success of our graphics out lasting the competition and using the best printing technology for brightest boldest images to attract customers.