Sandwich Boards

Also Called A-Frame Signs, These Signs Are The Perfect Companion For Restaurants and Retail

A-frames, sandwich boards, or sidewalk signs, are portable and effective means of displaying information. A-frames are most commonly made of 2 pieces of hinged plywood or MDF and a handle for carrying. Sign faces can be graphical only, or chalkboard/dry erase for frequently changed information.  Most commonly printed on 2 sides but can be printed on all four sided for more flexibility in communicating different messages.

Our customer's have had amazing results with their street signs sandwich boards.  Many of our Calgary clients are using these sandwich boards in front of there places of businesses such as restaurants and coffee shops to grab the attention of passbyers.  Sandwich boards are effective for this reasons because there are right in of a person walking on the sidewalk as they approach your business.  Then the sidewalk / sandwich board sign are unavoidably right in front of your potential customer, while this person is right in front of your place of business.

Its great to see our signs peppered along 17th ave Calgary to make our city much more welcoming.

To note; 24" x 32" inch sandwich boards are the most common size.  They are pretty large without being to hard to move around and can easily be brought in and out of a store on a daily basis without being a burden.

Our 19' x 24" are easy to put in any vehicle and popular with real estate agents.

Some things to consider is the kind of graphics to be utilized.  Vinyl cut is often the cheapest, we use our stock color of vinyl and cut out of it any text or shapes / images designed into the proof.  usually 1-3 colors are used.  When more colors, or complex graphics or photos are used, it is usually best we print.  With printing, there is no limitation to color or graphics.  For additional protection and longevity we may laminate the printed graphics.  This will protect the image from UV damage, fading from the sun and abrasions.  Perhaps the sandwich board is stored in the back of a pick up bouncing around with other tools and such.  Lamination is a clear layer of vinyl that is applied over top of the printed graphics.  For most applications, lamination is not required, as the printed graphics themselves seems to be suficient and durable for uses.

We see landscapers, construction folks, real estate professionals use our A-frames / sandwich boards in front of homes.  Our sandwich boards clearly communicate a scope of a project being done, or promoting your goods or services being used at a location.  With our high quality designs and printing, our sandwich boards / A-Frames are impressive and eye catching.  Lawn signs can be a good option for this aswell.

Graphical inserts for interchangeable display systems such as Signicades are most commonly made of cut or printed vinyl applied to corrugated plastic. The frames come in a variety of sizes and are constructed from plywood, plastic, or metal.  Signacades are specifically a very durable polycarbonate, sandwich board A-Frame that allowes inserts to be quickly changed.  Signacade sandwich boards are easy to use and fairly light for their sizes.  Available in a number of different sizes.