Wall Murals / Custom Wall Covering
/ Printed Wallpaper 

Transform Any Room With Wall Graphics

From simple vinyl cut quotes and shapes such as tree shadows to full colour printed floor to ceiling wall wraps,  our wraps create a feeling and transform in any space. Whether you’re looking to dress up corporate walls, business lobbies or to redesign your living room or bedroom, a wall graphic or printed wallpaper can make a huge impact with little effort! 

We are the best at printing and installing wall murals in commercial spaces utilizing your corporate branding, logos and statements.

We have brightened up hallways from a boring paint to a visual timeline of corporate history.  

And break rooms with motivational mission statements and images to promote company culture.  

We have installed amazing wall mural graphics all over Calgary and area including:

  • The University of Seattle located in Calgary 
  • Bow Valley College located downtown Calgary
  • Several Shell gas stations in Alberta 
  • The Shell airport hangar at the Calgary Airport  

Our team is here to provide all of your graphic needs, whether it is to be cost effective, short term and promotional, or to stand the test of time. All of our printing is done with state of the art, high quality printers which produce vibrant, rich, high resolution images for your enjoyment.

Ever wished you could design your own wallpaper? We can help!

Placing the elements together to make beautiful custom wallpaper takes a certain finesse and skill. We are able to use your personal images, or the ones that you find online. 

With our talented graphic designers, we are able to build that perfect wall, to the perfect size, with the right colours, with the proper features, in all the right places; we work with you to get it just right for your space!  

There are some tricks in how we accomplish the perfect wall coverings for your needs. Often when we are called to provide wall murals, it is during a renovation or construction project.  When we survey a space there are certain points to consider.  

Viewing Area and Distance: We will analyze the point in where one would stand or sit when viewing the wall graphic. If there are text and messages, it’s important to consider what size the text needs to be to be read and understood with ease. 

Element Placements:  We will ensure any obstructions have been considered so they can be designed around such as air vents, wall trims, shelving, plants, etc. We will create your design with these elements in mind.

Fresh Paint and Paint Type:  As a rule of thumb, we wait 2 weeks after a fresh coat of paint before applying any wall covering or graphic. This is because the paint offgasses and if the vinyl wall covering is installed too early, the offgassing will deteriorate the vinyl backing adhesive holding the wall mural to the wall and push it off.  

At times, though rare, some paints use a teflon feature. This is marketed to families with children who may colour on walls, requiring the wall to be cleaned more than usual. The teflon feature inhibits adhesion for easy cleaning, but it does not work well when trying to have a vinyl wall mural stick to it. Other paint finishes also have different gripping properties so we have the tools and training to test the degree of grippiness of your walls prior to starting your project.  

Temperature: Temperature can make a difference in how the wall mural will hold and last on a wall. 

We once did a project for Bernard Callebaut and his chocolate shop in SE Calgary near Willow Park. In a chocolate shop, they keep the temperature cooler than normal to make sure the chocolate stays solid. We came in to replace an existing wall covering and wall paper that was not holding well. First, we made sure we used a long term vinyl product, second we used additional spray adhesive on the wall to ensure their mural would not fail prematurely. We do not want to overdo it with this spray adhesive as it would make it more difficult when the wall graphics need to come down, so we only added this extra glue on the edges and especially to the top where it is the first place to fold over and peel off.


Short Term Graphics vs Long Term Graphics

We use a vinyl with a permanent adhesive on most applications. This does not mean that the wall mural can not be removed.  It is usually just a fail safe to ensure the wall graphic will not fall off before its time. It just  takes a bit more time, and often applied heat, to remove.  

If a graphic wall is short term such as for hoarding or a special promotion, we will use a temporary wall vinyl. Often we print and will not use an over-laminate for these applications.  This is to always do what is best for our customers. These are easy to remove without any damage to be repaired on the paint, and keeps costs down by not using the over-laminate which protects inks from abrasions, scratches and colour fading.  Not to worry, even with this method, our wall murals and graphics always look incredible!  


Canadian Professional Sign Vinyl Mural Installation

We love helping our DIY customers and will often print graphics for our customers to install. We will guide you through the installation process and give great tips on how to. 

Installing wall murals can be done by the Do-It-Yourselfer, but can pose some challenges. The larger the graphic is, or the more obstacles to consider, the more difficult the installation is to complete properly.

For the best and easiest results, trust the experts. We have experience working with many different vinyl types, installed on many different surfaces. We know the capabilities and limitations of what our vinyl prints can do. It does take skill when working with huge vinyl prints, measuring out placement and aligning them together. 

In order to produce smooth, clean finishes, free from bubbles, cracks and creases, leave it to the professionals!

Call or email us today - We would love to transform your room with you!