Commercial Fleet Wraps and Graphics

Commercial Fleet Wraps and Graphics Will Get Your Brand Noticed With Dream Image Signs

We have been producing commercial fleet graphics for Calgary businesses (and across Canada) for years. Our customers love us and come from far and wide to have their graphics printed. Or they send us far and wide to install their fleet graphics or wraps.   

One thing I always wanted to provide our customers was a better location than where we were when we were located in SE Calgary and now we have it! We are now located much more centrally in Calgary, just on the outskirts of the city, about 20 min from downtown. 

But the best thing about our facility is that we have the space to accommodate commercial vehicles and large fleets. We can drive large semi trucks and RVs into our facility and we have the parking space when working on a large fleet such as Homes by Avi.

When working on fleet branding graphics, consistency is key. With the Homes by Avi project, a prominent home builder in Calgary, they had a number of different types of vehicles. The first thing to do was accurately measure the different vehicles. Then at the proofing stage we were able to design the graphics to keep a consistency in the look and branding. We always note the material and the printer settings so that all graphics were printed to ensure colouring was the same from job to job. During installation, note taking and photographs are key. Upon installation of the first vehicle of each type we would make note of placements of decal elements on the vehicles with measurements and photos. We keep these notes filed so that with the next truck, car or van that we decal, it looks the same as the last one. Our installers are not guessing where logos go, it's all planned out!

Another important factor which is often overlooked is scheduling.  We understand the importance of keeping your vehicles on the road so you can care for and support your customers. So we plan. We plan to be flexible, we plan to go above and beyond the call of duty to treat you and your business the best we can. This may mean vehicle switching in the middle of the night, or on weekends.  It may mean we hold on to your vehicles for a little longer than expected while an employee is off on vacation. We plan on being on schedule so that when one vehicle is complete it can get back to work as soon as possible and the next vehicle can be dropped off and we plan on being flexible. We understand that sometimes a wrench can be thrown into the mix.  We work together with you to make things happen! 

Sometimes companies are unable to bring their fleet vehicles to us for graphics.  In this case we can come to you!  

For example Burnco cement trucks require ongoing decals and ongoing mechanical maintenance. In this case, we wear the appropriate PPE and install our decal kits at their premises.  

We understand that with fleet graphics will be an ongoing process as you add new vehicles, or they need maintenance and repairs.  

We also understand that these words don't mean much so we are here to prove you can trust us.  

We all make mistakes, but at Dream Image, we will own them and learn from them.  

We will be honest and do our very best for you.  

We will not pull a “Ferris Buller movie scene” where the parking garage guys joyride the Ferrari around town.  We are not those guys.  

We strive to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.  

We are here to work with you - Shoulder to shoulder!