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Cover Your Windows for Privacy and For Visibility with High-Quality Vinyl Window Coverings

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  • Perforated Window Vinyl

Window Decals – Window decals are typically cut out of a coloured vinyl and applied to the inside or outside of a window surface. The cut vinyl graphics do not block out as much light as a full coverage installation, and still offers excellent visibility from the outside. Decals are an appropriate solution for your business name or logo, store hours and restrictions, menu items, sales or promotions, or decorative.

Window Coverings – Window coverings may include adhesive vinyl prints, static cling, and removable or semi-permanent materials. Window coverings are an excellent solution for windows with a lot of sun exposure where you may want to create shade while still utilizing the window space for advertising. Great uses for window coverings include large or multi-paned graphics, natural-lighting colour-effects, and short-term or seasonal advertisements.

Privacy Frosting – Privacy frosting, also known as etch film, is an excellent way to mitigate the “fishbowl” feeling of spaces that have a lot of windows while still allowing light to permeate in the daytime. Privacy frosting can be cut and printed on like regular vinyl, with colours appearing silvery and semi-transparent. Privacy frosting is a great idea for homes or businesses with concern for security or UV protection.

Perforated Window Vinyl - One-Way Vision Film, See-Though Vinyl, or Perforated Window Vinyl is a long term advertising solution for your windows without compromising light or security. Perforated window vinyl allows you a vivid color print on one side, and a 70-30 viewing ratio on the other. Perforated window vinyl is ideal for window storefronts in shopping malls and office buildings. We also offer 50-50 viewing ratio film for vehicle windows.