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Retail Window Signs & Graphics

Branding your windows with signs and graphics is your ticket to business success. Window graphics are ideal for building interest and intrigue in your product and services. We have seen great results using window films, window tint and frosted window film with our customers in Calgary and all over Alberta.

Our demographics, people in Calgary and area, love to be outside and shop the retail market.  The curb appeal of your retail store makes all the difference. Our window graphics can help make that impact on your customers and draw them into your location, retail store or business.

We are able to design eye-catching text and images for your windows. Perhaps for a temporary sale, or to the extreme, full coverage graphics high and wide that can be seen from a distance.

Dream Image Signs has been making signage and window signs for Calgary businesses for over 15 years.  We use state-of-the-art equipment that makes all the difference in the quality and visual impact of your signage/graphics. Our True Vis Roland printer, which prints the richest 10 combination ink types, produces the brightest and most precise colours for your window graphics. Great for creating head turning images!

Long-Lasting Signs in Calgary

Dream Image Signs knows Calgary and Alberta and we understand that our weather can vary.  Therefore window graphic signs need to be designed to work with our environment. Calgary and Southern Alberta have some of the sunniest exposure per year in all the world. Knowing this, UV sun weathering is important to consider when creating your signs. One of the best ways to protect graphics from UV fading and wearing is by using quality, cast UV laminate over top of the cured printed graphics. This process is important and we have seen competitors take shortcuts that end up costing you money.

Graphics should also be trimmed away from the edges of the windows and window rubber gaskets. This is because the rubber molding will expand and contract over the seasons while the temperature fluctuates. If the vinyl print graphics are too close to the rubber edge molding, it will push onto the vinyl edge and cause the graphics to lift.

Along the edging of the vinyl full window graphics should be an edge protector. There are several options for this.

  1. Clear seal that is spread on with a brush, then dries and hardens
  2. Clear 1/4" vinyl laminate which overlaps the edges
  3. Use a strip of cast, high quality and durable 1/4' black vinyl strip that is applied on the vinyl edge. The black colour blends into the natural shade of the window and black rubber moldings and is very durable. **This is our go-to method since it will last for much of the life of the window graphics.

City of Calgary By-Laws and Permit applications

These rules are specific to Calgary. Outside of Calgary, bylaw regulations are much more relaxed and business owners don't run into restrictions. This goes for Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane, Airdrie and area.

Note: These rules may change and it’s always a good idea to check on them.

Window graphics in Calgary are regulated by the City of Calgary. The City of Calgary asks that businesses apply for business permits before putting any signage up at their location. There are certain rules to consider and risks. Often business owners will place window graphics without permits. Any graphics that cover less than 30% of the area are considered permitted graphics and do not need special approval. Window graphics that cover more than 30% of a window require a special permit approval which can cost upwards of $900. Most applications are approved.

There is also perforated vinyl specially made for windows.  Perforated vinyl, or sometimes called view-thru window graphics, utilizes punctured holes in the vinyl to allow people from the inside to see out without obstruction, but from the outside, you will only see the graphics. This perforated vinyl comes in different hole-to-vinyl ratios such as 50/50, 60/40 or 70/30. The City of Calgary does not consider the 70/30 to meet the 30% coverage limit and therefore it does not require a permit.

When considering window graphics, there are many to choose from.

Window Tint, Frosted Window Film

Window Decals – Window decals (also called window films) are typically cut out of a coloured vinyl and applied to the inside or outside of a window surface. The cut vinyl graphics do not block out as much light as a full-coverage installation and still offer excellent visibility from the outside. Window films are an appropriate solution for your business name or logo, store hours and restrictions, menu items, sales or promotions or for decorative purposes.

Window Coverings – Window coverings may include adhesive vinyl prints, static cling, window tint and removable or semi-permanent materials. Window coverings are an excellent solution for windows with a lot of sun exposure where you may want to use window tint to create shade while still utilizing the window space for advertising. Great uses for window coverings include large or multi-paned graphics, natural-lighting colour effects and short-term or seasonal advertisements.

Privacy Frosting – Privacy frosting, also known as etch film, is an excellent way to mitigate the “fishbowl” feeling of spaces that have a lot of windows while still allowing light to permeate in the daytime. Frosted window film can be cut and printed on like regular vinyl, with colours appearing silvery and semi-transparent. Frosted window film is also a great idea for homes or businesses with security concerns or for UV protection. Many professional offices that are not necessarily promoting their business, but looking for privacy, will use our graphics.  We are a great resource for chiropractors, doctors’ offices, real estate agents, insurance brokers, law firms, therapists and counselors.

Perforated Window Vinyl - One-way vision film, see-through vinyl or perforated window vinyl is a long term advertising solution for your windows without compromising light or security. Perforated window vinyl allows you a vivid colour print on one side and a 70/30 viewing ratio on the other. Perforated window vinyl is ideal for window storefronts in shopping malls and office buildings. We also offer 50/50 viewing ratio film for vehicle windows.

We’d love to make your windows amazing - Give us a call today to find out how!